Journey the World of Hebrew Manuscripts: 
An Introductory Course

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Lecturers: Prof. Malachi Beit Arie, Prof. Haggai Ben Shammai, Prof. Yosef Ofer, Prof. Shalom Tzabar, Prof. Miriam Frenkel, Dr. Edna Engel, Dr. Ayelet Even Ezra, Rabbi Moshe Cohen, Micah Yerushalmi, and researchers from the Library staff

This course is aimed for those who handle Hebrew manuscripts through their work or study and wish to reaffirm and expand their knowledge of the field.

Lecture Subjects:

  • Introduction to Codicology

  • Introduction to Paleography

  • Biblical and Commentary Manuscripts

  • Cairo Geniza

  • Colophons

  • Medieval Illuminated Manuscripts

  • Soferim - Scribes of Jewish Scripture

  • Editing Critical Editions

  • Deciphering Manuscripts

The course includes visits to the manuscripts reading room and to the restoration and preservation lab.

Ten Classes

Mondays 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm

First Class: October 23, 2017. Last Class: January 1, 2018

Cost: 650 NIS